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Dynamic Balancing - ISO 484 Standards
Dynamic Balancing
Dynamic Balancing is often used to mask propeller problems

It is critical that any rotating object, such as a propeller or the tire on a car be balanced.

If not properly balanced the resulting vibration could cause serious damage to the drive train or the vehicle/vessel.

Dynamic Propeller Balancing is done on a single plane. In the process weight is removed from the heavier blade(s) until the propeller is dynamically balanced. This process compensates for any weight problems associated with the boss (hub) and any loading problems associated with mismatched pitches between blades. Mismatched propeller blade pitch creates a situation where the propeller blades are unevenly loaded by air pressure as the propeller is spun.

The dynamic balancer senses this mismatched loading as an out of balance situation. This is then compensated for by the operator by removing weight from the blades until the Dynamic Balancer is “fooled” into thinking the propeller is balanced.
Dynamic Balancing

In the water the load on the propeller blades is proportional to the load created by air on the dynamic balancer out of the water. In other words a propeller that is dynamically balanced will probably run smoothly in the water. If there is a pitch problem dynamically balancing a propeller will mask that problem.

A Pitch Imbalance problem will compromise the efficiency of a propeller which in turn compromises the efficiency of the vessel

To properly dynamic balance a propeller it is imperative that the static balance also be checked after dynamic balancing. If after dynamic balancing the static balance is out it is an indication that there are existing pitch balance problems. A propeller that is correctly pitch balanced and then correctly static balanced will be dynamically balanced.

On a correctly repaired and static balanced propeller that is ISO Class 1 or better dynamic balancing is redundant.
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Your team did a fantastic job. We got them on with the prop speed about 10 days ago, and dropped the boat in the water last Thursday for the run back around to Rudee. With a clean bottom and the new props we picked up 1.5 knots at both cruise and top end!! The boat bounced 35 knots at 3050 rpm/98 % load. Top speed prior when I picked the boat up new from the factory was 33.5 knots. What I really like is the cruise, better speed, fewer rpms, smaller fuel burn….. How can I go wrong? And we didn’t have to use the tabs. I can’t wait to see how they work in the blue water. Thanks for all of your insight and for asking the right questions.


David Walker

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